Tackle Twill

Order front and/or back tackle twill kit number sets (your choice of 1 or 2 numbers) ready to sew on your jersey. Add name letters or name letters on a nameplate for a complete lettering package.  Many styles to choose from.
A "Set" of numbers is one or two numbers (example: #6 or #36)
What kind of tackle twill do you use?
We use the same high quality tackle twill used by most professional and college teams.  In fact, we have done work for many professional, college, high school and amateur teams.

How do you measure lettering?
Always give the measurement of the top layer.  For example, the default size for a 1-color "Varsity" number for the back of a baseball jersey is 8"... the default size for a 1-color "Block" number for the back of a baseball jersey is  7 1/2." 

Do you have special sizes for youth jerseys?
We have done many projects for youth and toddler jerseys.  Simply measure armpit-to-armpit of the youth jersey.  That way we can downsize the lettering.  For example... a typical adult jersey will measure 22" pit to pit (size 44) or 24" pit to pit (size 48)... If the youth jersey is 16" pit to pit, we would reduce the size of the lettering 25 percent.

Do you customize individual jerseys?
Unfortunately we no longer customize individual jerseys.  You can order lettering for a single jersey and have a local seamstress sew the lettering to your jersey.  We have found that it is a cheaper option for our customers (saves the shipping costs back and forth!).

How do you apply tackle twill lettering to a jersey?
Most of our customers heat press or iron our lettering to their jerseys.  Tackle twill lettering should always be zig-zag stitched around the edges to keep the lettering from fraying (and to keep the lettering from coming off in the wash!

Why can't I call in an order over the phone?
It is important to use our order forms for ordering.  The forms send your lettering specifications directly to our production chart.  That way we have a written record of your order.  We have found that this method improves accuracy and efficiency!

Where is my order?
All tackle twill work is computer-generated custom cut by our lettering experts.  Some orders may take a little extra time.  You will receive a shipping notification when your order is sent. 

Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, our payment system and shipping scale is set up for USA orders only.  We currently do not accept international orders.